It is with great concern that we respectfully submit the present Petition to the Members of the EU Parliament and to its President David Sassoli, in order to express our worry regarding the crisis in Catalonia and the response of the Spanish Kingdom, and call for measures susceptible of clarifying the situation and furthering its resolution.

Among the people signing the petition, there are some European citizens who voted for candidates, regularly elected, who cannot take up their seat in the EU parliament. We are referring to Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras and Antoni Comín. The right of two million people to have their elected representatives in the EU Parliament is not being respected and we formally complain about this and ask you to explain the reasons behind this.

Second, our preoccupation as citizens concerns the possibility of exercising basic rights in Spain. We would like to draw your attention to:

  1. The Statement issued on 21 October 2019 by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe
  2. The report issued by Amnesty International on 19 November 2019 that asks for the immediate release of Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart and the quashing of their convictions on the charge of sedition.
  3. The report of the International Trial Watch, according to which the trial and the sentence of the Spanish Supreme Court Judgement 459/2019 against politicians and activists in Spain patently show massive violation of human rights.

Third, we would like to underline the insufficiency of the official response of the EU institutions, according to which the Catalan crisis is an internal matter of Spain; and as EU residents and European citizens, we ask you to act in accordance with European Treaties and call for the respect of the European Charter of Human Rights. After more than two years, the political crisis cannot be solved as long as Spanish Institutions do not ensure that people’s fundamental rights of freedom of expression and protest are protected. In particular, we want to observe that the Spanish State’s refusal to recognize the disproportionate use of force by the national police on 1 October 2017 largely contributes to hindering the reconciliation of more than 2 million citizens with the Spanish State. Official insistence on maintaining that the use of police force was proportionate has only led to the radicalization of positions and the empowerment of parties like VOX, which, according to a recent resolution of the EU Parliament, are to be considered as promoting the use of fascist and totalitarian symbols. We assume, of course, that the EU includes Francoism among the fascist regimes when issuing the 2019/2819(RSP) “Resolution on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe”. Given the widespread perception of the restriction of fundamental rights that encourage ever more radical forms of protest and a repressive response of the State, we feel urged to call on the EU Parliament to take action to ensure the respect of the most fundamental values and rights. The EU and its institutions would thereby prove that they can be a formidable tool in overcoming political controversies among and within States, without interfering with member States’ sovereignty.

In light of the abovementioned points, we ask MEPs to

  1. Discuss the Catalan crisis in the plenary of the EU Parliament. This should not necessarily lead to a resolution on topical subjects, but would certainly address the relevance of the Catalan case as the first example in history of an independence movement that has made of nonviolence a systematic method of protest in order to obtain a referendum asking for independence from an EU member State that was not an occupied territory during WWII. To our knowledge EU legislation does not cover a case like this, which is treated ambiguously by the Spanish State, at times as a problem of public order, at times as terrorism or a seditious activity bordering on illegality. This ambiguity must be resolved in order to make citizens aware of their rights when demonstrating in agreement with the European Charter of Human Rights.
  2. As EU and European citizens, we feel urged to ask our institutions questions about how they intend to deal with exceptional cases such as the present one, and to demand the development of new legislation in this regard. Therefore, we also ask MEPs to discuss the alleged violation of human rights in Spain during the plenary, and to formulate a resolution on topical subjects regarding this matter. This is necessary to show that there are no impediments to the free exchange of ideas and opinions among MEPs, in agreement with the fundamental rights of the European Charter of Human Rights. In this respect, we ask the President of the EU parliament, super partes with respect to National interests, to introduce this point in the most suitable session. A refusal even to discuss opinions and suggestions for a resolution in a plenary session will be taken as a worrying sign that reminds us of the dark times witnessed by Europe before WWII. Also, the fact that the EU Parliament issued resolution 2019/2732(RSP) on the Hong Kong crisis in favour of the protesters’ rights raises serious questions about the reasons why the EU would use with regard to Hong Kong citizens a treatment it considers not applicable to EU citizens, in particular of those living in Catalonia. If a resolution on the Catalan crisis is not formulated, we formally ask the EU parliament to make clear why the points referring to the necessary respect of human rights approved in the Hong Kong resolution cannot be applied in the Catalan case, and to make these reasons public. In particular, we ask MEPs to discuss and make clear whether there is a risk of human rights infringements with the recently issued Real Decreto-ley 14/2019 of 31 October 2019, to pronounce itself on whether it is compatible with the European Charter of Human Rights, and eventually explain how it differs from the measures condemned at point 11 of the 2019/2732(RSP).
  3. Launch a campaign of the Eurobarometer in Spain with the following questions: Would you like Spain to be a Republic? If yes, would you prefer it to assume a federal form?

The campaign must be done via the Eurobarometer because it is an impartial means through which we can collect data. It is fundamental in order to determine the percentage of people in Catalonia who support a republican form of government, and whether they represent a political minority in Spain to which the right to vote in a referendum is being denied.

We are confident that the EU Parliament will consider our petition and that it will act according to EU Treaties, International Law and the fundamental democratic values of our society, with a view to helping resolve a major crisis in a member State, and sustain the political empowerment of all EU citizens, which can only enhance the prosperity and freedoms that will be enjoyed by future generations.

Barcelona, 19 November 2019

Silvia De Bianchi, Italy

Harold Carl Hoefer, United States of America

Genoveva Martí Campillo, Spain

Fernando Vidal, Switzerland

Maciej Andrzej Lewenstein, Poland

Maria Pilar Dellunde Clavé, Spain

Xavier Roqué Rodríguez, Spain

Agustí Nieto-Galan, Spain

Joan Vergés Gifra, Spain

Francina Esteve, Spain

Michel Huysseune, Belgium

Roberto Cantoni, Italy

Alba Torrents, Spain

Anna Okopinska, Poland

Andrzej Turski, Poland

María José Martínez Villellas, Spain

Maria Mercè Arall Royo, Spain

Maria Mercè Subirana Duarte, Spain

Núria Torrats Arall, Spain

Elisabet Sitges i Roses, Spain

Raimon Ruiz Niell, Spain

Jan Wehr, Poland

Montserrat Coviella Rey, Spain

Josep Torrats Coma, Spain

Renato Tassella, Italy

Marina Casini, Italy

Miquel Guarro, Spain

Dafne Muntanyola, Spain

Maria Jose Tintoré Espuny, Spain

Nadine Abi-Saleh, Italy

Elisabet Torrats Arall , Spain

Susana Portillo, Spain

Andreu Blasco, Spain

Anna Sanpera, Spain

Marie Magarinos, France

Christine Francoise, France

Andrea Lapponi, Italy

Simon Bird, United Kingdom

Andrea Pili, Italy

Coral Navarro Correal, Spain

Omar Onnis, Italy

Francesco Aresti, Italy

Sebastiano Ghisu, Italy

Antonio Giuseppe Meloni, Italy

María Dolores Noel, Spain

Carles Saura, Spain

Costantino Pala, Italy

Gennaro Ferraiuolo, Italy

Davide Corriga, Italy

Magda Saura Carulla, Spain

Guillermina Lorenzo Corral, Spain

Matteo Murgia, Italy

Raffaella Paolessi, Italy

Stefano Portelli, Italy

Àngels Lazo, Spain

Mercè Pardo, Spain

Giuseppe Melis, Italy

Francesca Murgia, Italy

Daniele Amoroso, Italy

Alexandre Madurell de Otero, Spain

Fulvio Capitanio, Italy

Marc Ruiz, Spain

Enric Bou, United States of America

Cesare Minghini, Italy

Neus Ballbé, Spain

Gaetano Damiano, Italy

Anna Bosch Bastardes, Spain

Alberto Schiatti, Italy

Patrizio Rigobon, Italy

Rossella Selmini, Italy

Antoni Bragulat, Spain

Alessandro Corda, Italy

Dario Pederzani, Italy

Claudia Dauru, Italy

Laura Prat Bertrams, Netherlands

Rafel Hidalgo, Spain

Johannes Stumpf, Germany

Eva Juarros Daussà, Spain

Àngels Medrano, Spain

Maria Francesca Saibene, Italy

Jordi Vilalta Martínez, Spain

Joan Esteve Pujol, Spain

Lorenza Bettini, Italy

Antoni Orpinell Ros, Spain

Yago Viñas Soler , Spain

Xavier, Calvo, Spain

Peter Vives Batista, Netherlands

Sergi Lorente, Finland

Jacme Delmas, France

Sònia Manguillot, Spain

Mario Sans, Spain

Ghislaine Coronat, France

Anna Marín López, Spain

Víctor Herrero Pérez, Spain

Mariano Mastorgio, Italy

Audrey Lopez, United Kingdom

Marco Córdoba Holt, Spain

Raimondo Davide Donzel, Italy

Peter Stolc, Slovak Republic

Encarna Colado Velasco, Spain

Manel Carreras, Spain

Micaela Pesce, Italy

Norbert Utz, Germany

Marilisa De Palma, Italy

Francesco Salvadori, Italy

Matthias Krause, Germany

Catherine Mouchel Merino, France

Renzo Granzotto, Italy

Jakub Zakrzewski, Poland

Manel Berrocal Corredo, Spain

Eva Ferro Garcia, Spain

Alan Collins Rosell, United Kingdom

Federico Bertoldo, Italy

Jordi Cadilla i Falcó, Spain

Silvia Poll, Spain

Sandra Pascoal-Lima, Portugal

Muriel Botey, Spain

Chiara Colasanti, Italy

Michaela Klinkert, Germany

Irmela Schmidt, Germany

José Rodrigues Ribeiro, Portugal

Mercedes Valls Lolla, Spain

Pat Vila Armangué, Spain

Sal Mallen, Spain

Javier Samper Martinez, Spain

Peter Sire, United Kingdom

Roger Bach, Spain

Maria Bosch, United States of America

Assela Bosch, Spain

Carles Crespo, Spain

Simona Anichini, Italy

Carles Pelejero, Spain

Eduard Crispi, Spain

Wendy Slater, United Kingdom

Concepció Bou i Vilalta, Spain

Rafa Momplet, Spain

Ingeborg Kossmann, Germany

Javier Maldonado Pérez, Spain

Richard Huguet, Spain

Carme Andrade, Spain

Carles Padró-Solanet i Grau, Spain

Francina Serret, Spain

Francisca Sol, France

Joan de Gracia, Spain

Joan Prat de los Mozos, Spain

Emili Prats Llatse, Spain

David Matas, Spain

Angelina Llongueras, Spain

Mariame Dahir, Italy

Nuria Garcia, Spain

Jordi Picart i Barrot, Spain

Nadine David, France

Pedro Santos Sanz, Spain

Esteve Alfaras, Spain

Jaume Añé, Spain

Biel Cadilla, Spain

Emilia Vaquer Martínez, Spain

Georges Thierry, France

Joan Sebarroja, Spain

Joan  Mondejar Riba, Spain

Carmen Jesús Hurtado, Spain

Erika Casajoana Daunert, Spain

Isabel Nágera, Spain

Isa Muxi, Spain

Gemma Colesanti, Italy

Jorge Canas Garcia, Spain

Francesca Ceriani, Italy

Maria Rosa Pujantell Plana, Spain

Francisco Ruiz, Spain

David Soto, Spain

Josep Maria Gil, Spain

Montserrat Gama, Spain

Elisabet Lasierra Farré, Spain

Auke Zeldenrust, Netherlands

Angels Jubert, Spain

Encarna Liarte, Spain

Virginia Pelejero, Spain

Carme Fageda, Spain

Antoni Mirabent Sala, Spain

Maria Esparbé, Spain

Rafael Guirado Martinez, Spain

Marek Trippenbach, Poland

Jaime Bernis, Belgium

Angels Duch Cahis, Spain

Manuel Armengou Basil, Spain

Marcel Salvatella Carcellé, Spain

Birgitta Baum, Germany

Montse Ullastres, Spain

Elena Torrecilla, Spain

María-Luisa Flegenheimer Pérez, Spain

Ana Montserrat Figueras Aviñó, Spain

Josep Maria Figueras, Spain

Pilar Castejon, Spain

Elena Giménez Rodríguez, Spain

Mercè Obiol, Spain

Joan Bertran Monfort, Spain

Merixtell Estiarte, Spain

Martí Benach, Spain

Ignasi Merino, Spain

Carles Montaner i Bonastre, Spain

Cristina Badal Lopez, Spain

Marc Torres Saura, Spain

Montse Guitart, Spain

Antonio Taulés Mases, Spain

Camil Franquesa, Spain

Margarida Casademunt, Spain

David Camargo, Spain

Pilar Morey, Spain

Laura Gisbert Reig, Spain

Angela Mèlich i Puig, Spain

Joan Coll Cuñat, Spain

Joan Pedret, Spain

Marissa Garcia Solà, Spain

Lidia Camps Castanyer, Spain

Genis Pujal, Spain

Montserrat Feixas, Spain

Santiago Roman Guimaraes, Spain

Xavier Mayench Ballesté, Spain

Marc Rafart, Spain

Silvia Rojas Caellas, Spain

Santiago Bonet, Spain

Josep Maria Farrés, Spain

Jaume Sala, Spain

Irma Helou, France

Assumpta Pares Casas, Spain

Paolo Bracciali, Italy

Jaume Pujol-Galceran, Spain

Ricard Pla Boada, Spain

Xavier Fité i Marina, Spain

Rossano Bibalo, Italy

Dolors Muñoz Díaz, Spain

David Mortara, Italy

Àngels Arrufat, Spain

Jean Louis Vinson, France

Mercè Colet, Spain

Gemma Junyent Camp, Spain

Magda Cano Roca, Spain

Andrea Bonfante, Italy

Maria Andaluz, Spain

Sergi Pascual i Pich, Spain

Marta Marly, Spain

Maria Ortis, Spain

Margarita Sauné Castillo, Spain

Eva Angeles López, Spain

Anna Custodi Bernadet, Spain

Lluïsa Garcia, Spain

Teresa Escobet, Spain

Adriano Raddi, Italy

Núria Oliver, Spain

Esther Pardo Pérez, Spain

Montserrat Farràs Oliveras, Spain

Josep Miquel Girart, Spain

Clara Biosca Rovira, Spain

Conxita Muñoz Puigmitjà, Spain

Alfred Calvache, Spain

Jordi Bancells, Spain

Maria Capsada i Palomas, Spain

Josep Maria Moncau crispi, Spain

Olga Amargant, Spain

Roser Tarres Masnou, Spain

Teresa Sabria Pau, Spain

Jaume Vall Capdevila, Spain

Imma Ollich Castanyer, Spain

Rosa Garcia Garcia, Spain

Mercedes Marquez Marsol, Spain

Pilar Gil Lozano, Spain

Elena Pagni, Italy

Imma Casajoana Viladelprat, Spain

Elisabet Iglesias Masip, Spain

Andrea Zedda, Italy

Roser Pesquer, Spain

Marina Barull Lloret, Spain

Josep Sole, Spain

Silvia Vivé, Spain

Albert Compta, Spain

Àlvar Vinacua, Spain

Àngela Nebot, Spain

Pedro Muñoz, Spain

Pepa Gall, Spain

Elisabet Escalé, Spain

Iwan Cadoret, France

Carme Albareda Costa, Spain

Jordi Nadal Tersa, Spain

Joan-Manuel Soriano-López, Spain

Mònica Benguerel, Spain

Lluís Pesquer, Spain

M. Eulàlia Subirà, Spain

Joan Giralt Duran, Spain

Anna Raddi, Italy

Carme Duran, Spain

Consuelo Laccu, Italy

Montserrat Izquierdo, Spain

Franco Appetiti, Italy

Bella Obici, Italy

Joan Josep Carmona Domènech, Spain

Joan Martínez Serra, Spain

Jaume Aguadé, Spain

Ricard Godia Balauder, Spain

Montserrat Garcia Torner, Spain

Manel Escobet, Spain

Marcel Urigüen, Andorra

Michael Thiel, Germany

David Moriña Soler, Spain

Roser Gorchs Altarriba, Spain

Joan  Girbau – Badó, Spain

Immaculada Massana Hugas, Spain

Carlos Armenteros Lopez, Spain

Teresa Cabré, Spain

Joachim Kock, Denmark

Aureli Alabert, Spain

Thorsten Puelm, Germany

Josep Fernandez, Spain

Joaquim Roé Vellvé, Spain

Benito Daza, Spain

Ramon Costa, Spain

Lluis Matamala, Spain

Daniel Crespo Artiaga, Spain

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